Oksana Chernyuk and Kristian Skydanovych share the stories of their journeys to Houston from Ukraine. Listen to how Oksana became the happy woman she dreamed of being when she was a young girl in a snowed-in Soviet village. Follow her company Sunrise International Dance Company at https://www.facebook.com/Sunrise-International-Dance-Company-1385084981804918 and https://www.instagram.com/sunrise_dance_company/

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Hello, and welcome to dance talks. I’m your host. Andrea Cody today is October 16th, 2020, and my guests are chair of nuke, artistic director and founder of sunrise international dance company. And Christiane has got a dovish and a member star and teacher of sunrise international dance company. Thank you all so much for being a part of dance.

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Sure. Thank you, Andrea. That was our owner too. When you invite us to, to be with you and talk in queue mine too. So

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Let’s start from the beginning. Where were you

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Born? I was born in Ukraine, a village, a Dutch Naya, Dutch name means in Russia. It’s like V their, their house when you go for vacation, but this was our house there in the village. So, and there was absolutely no dancing, but I went, when I was four years old, I started C dreams. I bought ballet how I’m in it to, to how I dance. Because one night when I was little girl I saw on TV, that’s one leg with my .

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So, and then it’s hit me, especially when she goes down on the end. So in my father was musician accordion player, and my mother was a singer. So whenever people come to our house, my father played Swan Lake and I dance. Yeah. I put some costume. I made my mum, made me costumes from sheets, white sheets, because we don’t have nothing fancy fabric that, I mean, it’s a village and it’s like, twenty-five kilometers from Odessa. So in that to, to, I started performing for the, our neighbors. Yeah.

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Yeah. So, and then every night I was dreaming about ballet and then I bought ballet shoes and we have a store in the city. And then that store was that ballet points shoes, but they were, was only a size 10 and a half. Huge. Yeah. And I all everyday I asked my mom, can you buy this for me, please? Can you buy this for me? And she said, but this is huge. You’re a little girl and that, so I keep dreaming about ballet that time. There was indeed. And then I went to in my village, there was a little place where they start teaching, dancing.

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I mean, they’re very not professional. It just, you know, like for fun. And it was few kids there and me and I have to walk to that place. 12 kilometers. I didn’t know how many miles is it? Five, five miles. Yeah. It’s a developed kilometers. It’s like maybe not nine miles. Oh, so, and it’s imagine it’s like your little winter. Yeah, it’s a winter and it’s everywhere a snow and we don’t have a good road. So sometimes you can go down in the snow like this. So I have to walk there. And for me, it was working like two hours walk there, two hours come back.

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And the rehearsal was only one hour. And there was a teacher

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Who teach in a city.

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She as well. So when she said like, Santa, I would like to take you and introduce to you to a palace of PNS. We have that time long time ago. You know, when we have a nurse in, in my country, there is a kids who in the school and they are aware and read how you call this site. Yeah. So, and that palace was belongs to them. So she says, let me bring you there. So one day I went to the train, the train, supposed to go there at one, and they have hour to the city.

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And I was little, I was like six years old. Yeah. And she took me with me, who is her? And she CA we came to that palace. And there is like the owner of this group. There’s famous group there it’s called group gets tall. Just toys, like cha childhood, the translation childhood. Oh yeah. So, and he would be by the bar and he said, stay in the first position. Do the does plead here, raised my leg. And it was very painful. And then he said, show me your point, show me your bridge.

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And he said, okay, we’ll give you a decision later. And I was like, dude, like, like live, you know, because for me, I was so excited. Oh my God, I’m going to dance the, you know, and then he told that lady who brought me, he said, okay, we don’t have a place space right now. Every scene is booked, but we can take Aksana to older group, whereas 15 years old kids. Wow. And that’s the reason why I’m telling you this. Because since that I start learning every scene with people who are ahead of me, you know? Not like from the beginning.

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Yeah. That’s why my company right now, very intensive. You can come and for one week you can be in a split. You can jam, you can dance because that’s how they teach me. See, I jumped in, in that older group who already know everything. And I say, how I can do this. And they said, just as though those kids, those girls, they teach you and, you know, gross, like always like this. And I said, please miss teaching into this. Or we don’t have time. So I have to learn everything when they rehearse, I supposed to look, okay, I have to do this. I have to do this. This is like, I learned Fujita. Nobody teach me this. I just see how they do it. And all the turns and that most of the movements I learned, like watching, like this tap dance, I learned from Fred Astaire watching their video and ginger Rogers, then a little more apart.

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So all my life, I was jumping in the older groups and I have to learn everything very fast. So, Oh, when I went to this dance group in a bottle, my mom brought me to ballet school as well. See, I was in this group, this like company dancing there is like practicing, performing. And plus I keep talking to my mom. I want to go to Bali. I want to go to ballet because this is full dance. So she brought me to ballet school. And there is, I remember it’s very strictly school there in, in the Ukraine and Russia. I mean, it was Soviet union.

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That time it was Soviet union. We all were together. And that time it was super strictly. I mean, it’s, it is right now. So if you late, like one minute you can be dropped off from the school. If you not, don’t have a uniform, you can drop. Luca can be dropped from the school and you have to be super quiet on a, on a class. Like you never talk. I mean, they never punish us, but something tells me inside that if you will talk you in huge trouble. So yeah, there is like, and that, you know, they not punish you or screaming at you. They just look at you and you think this is it because the question has gone wrong.

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So I finished the ballet school and parallel was this. I wasn’t a dance company, that one. And we perform a lot in, in this beautiful costumes. And I have one story that the older group, like they older than me. They dance a Slovakian dance in a beautiful red skirts. And I always was dreaming to dance in costume, but it never happened. That’s why I started making my own glasses. So all my students, they have amazing classes because in my childhood I did not have something, what I was dreaming. So I started making this, but it was later.

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So back to them, I finished these two company. And then I went to another company, which is a professional, a full dance company. It’s called black seat. And we were touring with them like a cruise ship and a dancer countries. So that was fun. Yeah. Yeah. But I never belonged to one company because somehow I become very popular in my city. And besides I first, who, first woman who learned tap dance right there and the way how I learned tap dance, my father in that time he bought video VCR.

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Yeah. And for us, for the whole people in the Soviet union at that time, VCR was like, if you have VCR, you the God, because all this video, you know, from United States was dancing, all this stuff, you can see, there’s nobody teach you. You just can see it. And I’ve got a VCR. Thanks. My, my, my father, and first we, we got with my another teacher, we got the VGO whereas brothers Nico’s Fred Astaire and Ella, not Apollo, ginger Rogers.

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And the movie was a course. That’s dancing. Cool. That’s what I want to show Christian because that movie inspired me. Wow. First of course, Michael Jackson’s inspires me more. And then, then yeah. So, and then this Vizio was like, you barely can see it because there are lots of people already watched this. So it’s kind of like one videotape going in the wrong city. Wow. We don’t know how to do a copy. Yeah. It’s getting worn out. And then I started thinking, okay, how I can do tap in? Like, how are they doing this?

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Like what they have this metal thing on there. So at then I don’t, I, I remember I went to some very old man he’s name immediately labs. And he is he’s best away. Unfortunately, God bless his soul. And he was my father best friend. And my father said, Oh, you want to death? And I said, yeah. He said, I told you want to do ballet. I said, Oh no, he named it. I want to do ballet. And I want to do figure skating. I want to do gymnastics. I want to do be a flight attendant.

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Then I want to be bartenders was alive to know why, you know, all this in my head. So I want to be in the, I always was dreaming to go to United States because this is fine historian. When I watch some on video, a movie, there was a, on the American movie that that time already was commercial. We don’t have a commercial. You guys have a commercial. And there was, they did commercial about chewing gum Wrigley’s yeah. Yeah. And then was like, they drive in cars in that I think California. And they were so happy here, chewing gum.

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I said, mom, I want to go to the United States. And she said, why? I said, look, they had some people, they have a chewing gum and do they to happy. So this was a, so back to this, the video tape, I start learning this step. And then my father brought me to his best friend, that old guy they need glad. And he said, here is the little tapping thing your father can go to his, my father worked for a manufacturer where they was dealing with a metal. So he said, your father can do copy of this. So he’s not professional, but this step in thin where where’s your shoes.

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I can show this one. Yeah, we don’t have it. Right. So one guy only has in a city, he gave it to me borrow. So my father did another one, like copy. And then we don’t know how to put the owner’s shoes. Right. So I got any shoes I have, like, I remember I have a boots. Like, could I go on boots? So I put it, I got them. My mama was very angry about this because this was my one shoes, boots only. And I got it down and they put this, it was a crew driver, but because it was unprofessional. One day I was dancing and I did some movements and it’s fly away.

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Sorry. Oh, no. So this was about tapping. We already talked about ballet and my folk dancing. So all my life, basically I was dancing and I never thought about teaching or make company never. Everybody asked me Oxana, are you going to be a teacher to say no? Who? I will perform all my life. See, I never thought about dancing company or teaching. I was performing. Yeah. So then I came to United States. But before that, I always realized wherever I go, the kids around me, I go to the party, they around me, I go there and they around, I go there either around.

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And it was funny, a story. I sometimes once I went to the party, you know, like dressed up and I think, okay, I can meet someone maybe. And there is kids sit in with me and they start dancing. And people said, did you meet anybody? So not because it gets was around the, and then I was performing, performing here when I went to United States, performing performance. And then parents start asking me AXA, why don’t you teach kids? I said, no, no, no. I don’t know. No, I, I want to perform. And then again, why don’t you teach kids? And I I’ll think about this.

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And once I was performing at the Russian bear Russian restaurant, that time we had only one. Yeah. And then hat from Kim K school, head of performing arts, that lady came to the Russian bear. And I have a Russian show. There, there was a crown it’s actually Soviet union show. In that time we don’t have Russia. We don’t have Ukraine. We have all together. So we, she came and she said, right away, can you come to Kinkaid school and start teaching kids? I know, of course, Kincaid school. It’s a very famous school. And I cannot say, no.

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I said, just like this. And she said, just like this, just whatever you’re doing here, teach our kids the fall dance. And that’s how I start teaching. First time in my life. I started teaching at Kincaid school and they were so excited. They just welcomed me. They gave me like a a hundred kids right away. Wow. Yes. They gave me and I believe it or not. I do know how to teach them. I remember how the other people teach me. You know? Like you don’t have to talk and that, Oh my God, the first one

3 (16m 8s):
They was, they old dog him. Yeah. And they won’t blame. And I’m like, woo. I have to do with this kid seriously,

1 (16m 18s):
Because I thought I’m will gum. Like my, like in my country, in my school, I will come. They behave. They say, hello, music, Sana. And we started dancing. So it took for me like a year probably to get used to it, to this all teaching stuff. You know how to be with the kids. Because when you not teaching, when you will with them, like, you know, like friends, this is one thing. But when you teach, this is another thing. And plus my English, see that time. I right away went to HCC because, and I said, Hey guys, I think I speak English.

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Well for me, but not for the teaching. So I had to study. So I went there, I read the lots of books, like on the English study in English, how you teach in the United States, how you talk with people, how the, who is the kids? How you talk with the parents, the termination terminology. Of course they’re on ballet. It was easier because ballet it’s a French terminology. So we were cool with this. But eh, was another thing, you know, like jazz, contemporary, I never seen. And I love all styles. And I studied all styles of dance because I think once you become a dancer, you have to do everything.

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Like it’s not supposed to be no. Sometimes like Andrea say, Hey Alexa, do you have Spanish dance, Egyptian dance. Let’s go. I said, sure. Let’s go dance because you always can learn. You always can dance. I mean perform because it’s all about dance. It’s all about the expression. All about like, you gave people this cheer and then whatever you feel here, you give them. So, and then in United States, when I already was here, year, one of my dream was besides ballet and folk. And he go skating and flatter and fly up and I was dreaming to learn flamenco.

1 (18m 29s):
Yeah. Oh, and I do know how they do this thing. And I remember I came to the United States and I find out what they do up. And there was a river dance with Michael Flatley. Yeah. And that what hit me first about flamenco. That was Maria Bajas. She danced flamenco and he danced river dance and it was a fire dance. Wow. And again, I just watched video, see what she’s doing? Start dancing. And it was my first flamenco, but it wasn’t very, it was very far from what I’m doing right now. Because one day I met Lucia Rodriguez and her, I was dancing, tap, performing.

1 (19m 12s):
And then she was dancing with her group of flamenco. Yeah. And Oh, this is how they do it. See, at first time I saw alive how’d they do. And then I, it came to her right away and said, miss Lucy, can you teach me fly, man? Because she says, sure, call me. Yeah. And she lives very far and telephone road, you know, I was here. So to get there in the traffic, it’s like one hour driving. But if you lock in 45 minutes, that’s fine. Oh, it’s not in the snow. I’m from Soviet union to take me to the school. It was one and a half hour in a very, you know, in a train. Whereas like it’s a lot.

1 (19m 53s):
So people that you have to stay like this because everybody go in there sometimes the drain late for two hours. Yeah. And you kind of like freezing already, like you’re staying in the snow. Yeah. So when people said to me right now, do you miss winter? I said, Nope. It was so much was a winter. So anyway, then I started studying flamenco. It was probably 15 years ago or more, maybe even 20 because I live in Houston twenty-five years. Okay. We came here in 1996, the embassy invite us to here to perform yeah.

1 (20m 33s):
To open. And then we stay here. Seven people stay here. Then like half of us back to Ukraine and the me and my partner, mr. URI, we have my button and mr. Judy would know each other, like 35 years. He’s a folk dancer. And he teach our boys. Yeah. So we, we stay here. And since that we’re still partners here and he’s right. He learned how to do acrobatic tricks with little kids. Yeah. You know, he dropped them up. I don’t know if I’m okay.

1 (21m 13s):
All right. Was this, and last year we went to remain competition in Dallas and where it was Derek Hawk and fall off to cool. And we, I said to my kids, Hey guys, I dunno if we win anything because it’s like a second time for us to go to competition, but let’s just be there. So we were there, we won three gold medals right there. And when we performed one dance with mr. Yuri, he was a beast. And the little kids, like they’re like six years old and they were doing this old tricks, you know, like robotics, when he throwed them on the air, then catch them with some movement, with some positions movements.

1 (21m 58s):
And the judges was, there was six judges. And they said like, I’m telling you that they are from circles, the select. And then I got goosebumps because circles just select for me is like a universe. Yes. So at the same time I started start more in sunrise, you know, like we’re, we can do it. So this is a 3d much about how I started dancing. My story for kiosk back, back up just a little bit. So when did you start sunrise? International dance company, dance company. I start, when I went to Kincaid, I worked there for four years.

1 (22m 38s):
Then I got like, Oh wow. I can teach kids. I can do something by my own. So that time I see, like I have to move on. And in 2008 I opened the sunrise international dance company. I don’t have any students see people. Usually they built, they start teaching students. They have a, like a foundation and then they open, I do opposite. I opened. Then I stopped. Then I breathe. And that time, the name of our sunrise international dance company, we rent like a few miles from here.

1 (23m 18s):
Maybe even one mile from here, the first facility we’re ran there and we need sign. We don’t know how we’re gonna name our company. And there is like, we ran some smoke and sip store and that they are just walk away, you know, like they not renting anymore, but they left their sign, which was huge. Like was the lights, you know, it’s a big one. It’s and it says sunrise sip and small. And we’re like, Hmm, let’s take away sip and smart

4 (24m 0s):
With sunrise. It was,

1 (24m 3s):
Yeah, probably. But there was sunrise right in the middle and we’re going to be sunrise and then international dance company, because I realized in my company we can have all nationality because right now you can see it. We have Brazil and Chinese, Japanese, African-American Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, you name it. So it says, then we become a sunrise international dance company, 2008, June 2nd, June 2nd in my country. It’s a, they have all kids celebration day for the kids June 2nd or first June, June 2nd.

1 (24m 45s):
Yeah. So we kind of like every scene, whatever universe gave us, we take it. Awesome. Yeah. Tell us your story, Chris Gunn.

4 (24m 56s):
So I’ve been dancing since I was five. Yeah. My grandma took me and gave me a do the dance studio dance. And Sambol the name of it is Bravo. Bravo. And I had two years. I spent two years in teaching and group preparation. Preparation. Yeah. Group. Sorry. Oh my ration. I mean this fall.

4 (25m 37s):
So I will change him. Ask Asana the board sometimes. Okay. Is it okay? Sure. Yeah. Okay. So there, there was a lot, there was a lot, there were a lot of dance styles like that. Jazz, jazz dance, acrobatics, contemporary Bella, but ballet. Yeah. Like to do some things near the bars. That’s the foundation of every, every dance, every dancer, all dancers.

4 (26m 20s):
Sorry. And there were liberal, there was also a tap dance. Like after six years of my being in Bravo, the time dance came yeah. Came and hit me. It goes, I love music

1 (26m 48s):
And wreath

4 (26m 52s):
And that’s my legs. My instrument is my instrument, musical instrument. That’s just, I’m just playing.

1 (27m 1s):
Cool. Yeah. That’s it. And since that, that you just step in, step in, step in.

4 (27m 8s):
Yeah. For the first three years I had like a really low a level in tap dance, like basic steps they gave him.

1 (27m 21s):
great. And then tell your words, like you’re a champion vice champion though. The TEF world competition.

4 (27m 35s):
I move wise chamber moved the role in time dance. That’s it.

1 (27m 39s):
And many times Ukrainian champion champion me two times.

4 (27m 47s):
Yeah. Also I I’ve performed in Disneyland with my ensemble because it, it it’s, it has a really high level of performing in different styles that have styles and it’s sort of famous in Ukraine, in Odessa. So that’s why we’ve been performing in, in different countries

1 (28m 17s):
And tell them, you went to Boston to Chippendale temp, dance company, you know, then there is like huge Kony, Chippendale dance company in Boston.

4 (28m 29s):
They are friends with, there was whole Boston, Massachusetts map,

1 (28m 38s):
Massachusetts mirror. Yeah.

4 (28m 42s):
Yeah. That and they are doing, they also performed in Trump’s integration in the good heart, sir.

1 (28m 53s):

4 (28m 54s):
They’ve performed and yeah.

1 (28m 58s):
So they very famous, but in Boston with, don’t see if I don’t know a Christian, I don’t know them as well. So I know them through and it’s interesting. I was here. I don’t know about them. So I have to go to Ukraine to know about very famous DEP groups in their booths in Boston.

4 (29m 20s):
And that was a tech festival. That was a dance festival. But the ma the major people amount of people came to teach to learn tap. There

1 (29m 35s):
Was a lot of

4 (29m 36s):
Nice teachers like from Ukraine, we have two, two really nice. Sometimes they’re seeing Ukraine. They, they live, you know, there are some that go. So that’s a, is the center of tap dance in Ukraine? I mean, it’s the, I mean, that’s that town like this? No, no. It’s the center of that dancing Ukraine.

1 (30m 4s):
And you know, who was the teacher of that? One of the famous typing. I’ve been dancing with my partner in Odessa tap dance. And then I left here with him, but he back. So he was a teacher of, one of the famous step dancer who start, you know, like produce this more and more in a big level. So after I left from Ukraine, there is like my students who saw me, what they do, they start this industry. And when I came back after 10 years, I see like tap in a huge level. Very high. Yeah. So, and then he is one of like,

4 (30m 45s):
, but this is not so popular in, in Ukraine, like for now. And we know that. So yeah.

1 (30m 52s):
Years in New York, lots of population of tap dance, but in Houston, I don’t see much. Yeah. I don’t see many. I saw one dev group long time ago at the JCC. I was performing with rum rum. you know them, right. Yeah. And we were, we were performing there and there was one tap dance group. There were amazing, but I never see them here no more. So it’s kinda like we have to bring this back up in the Houston. Where’s the dance Houston. And he’s good. Sure.

1 (31m 32s):
So there’s this phrase out some of the shows that you do? Oh, the shows that’s like, see, I become choreographer in my country launch time ago, because when I was sleeping, something always going in my hand, like, you should dance this, you should do have this costumes. You should do this choreography. Then when I wake up, it’s like, you know, like composers writing music when they sleep. Like, for example, it wasn’t, he, when he slipped, their music came to his head key, wake up and he wrote it down. That’s what happened with me long time ago. And then I started with choreography for dance.

1 (32m 15s):
And then when I start teaching, I realized that something tells me do some productions, like a concert then shows then make actually first costume would I make here? I never know how to make a costumes, but that some agency they call me and say, do you have a gypsy, Dan? And I don’t have it. I said, sure. Oh, of course they have a gin, gypsy dancer. They said, so this is like in two days from now, can you perform myself? Of course it can perform. And I don’t have a costume.

1 (32m 55s):
Yeah. And that gypsy costumes itself like a Mexican custom skirt, very huge Microsoft raffles. Right. You know, it’s like, if you start doing this, make discussions like forever. So I went to Walmart, Walmart, I bought the sewing machine and fabric and I still have that customs here. Awesome. And it was like 20 years ago, probably maybe less, maybe 15 or something. And I made that guy since, for one night, one day. Yeah. Just to read instructions, not to do it.

1 (33m 35s):
And then two days from them that time I was performing and now I make, you know, my first yeah. For the minor performance right there. And that’s his death. I started sewing costumes. So the, for the productions, when I have a ready group was a kids. And that is, it was, for me, it was no matter can they do it or they cannot do it. I pushed them. And I tell them, Hey guys, we’re doing show. And they say, what show? We just start dancing. I said, no worry. We’ll do it like a few months. Let’s just, you know, like work every day to the bottom. Like we have to get there.

1 (34m 16s):
So, and at first my show was with the kids and I might costumes. I used to teach at the Villa, not at the Kincaid school. They said, can you do recital? I said, what are they what it is? But aside though, they said, it’s like, when you study, then you show what you got. Yeah. And they, they thought I’m going to just bring one dance, you know, with the kids, like step together, step together, clap, clap. And the simple costume. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I make a huge concert. Like just imagine like little kids and then dancing right away. Six or seven dance. And they change costumes because I make glasses for every dance and parents like what’s going on?

1 (35m 3s):
You know, it’s like I realize in the United States, when you do it with little kids, they supposed to dance. Only one dance. Very simple. So parents, they get pictures. They say, ye every scene is good. No, my kids in depth, they were like six, six, seven years because I teach the three kid. It good, good. And that time I make the first recital, but it was, looks like a show already because we have a MC where I perform and the mr. URI perform, then I invited another dancers, you know, wherever I sit down. So to say, can you be in my show, my show up here.

1 (35m 43s):
And then mr. UT, you know, he is various strictly like, you have to learn this in a school. Then you can make something I’m like more flexible. And he said, you cannot put professional dancers with the beginners dancers. I say, why not? They going to see how they’re professionals dancing and they gonna, you know, like dreaming about this and then it’s gonna be inspiration. Wow. And it works because , and see like they’re professional and dancing doing. And they stopped right away. Repeat what they do. So it works. So that was first show.

1 (36m 24s):
So shows slash recital at the Kincaid school. Then I’ve been involved there not being, working at the dealer school as well. And they do show right there. And of course in my own company, I started growing because I start with the four students. That’s actually what I have right now. No, I have six right now after this disaster happened, him, I have the four 50 kids right now, like six, which is I’m happy because they’re amazing. And it’s not quantity, it’s quality for us. So that was our first show. And then I see when like group or rice, sunrise, rice.

1 (37m 8s):
Yeah. I got 50 kids and there were a very good gloss. I got mr. Jeffrey Lewis, mr. Kenney, mr. Sidney, I got three girls from Jim Byron gymnastics. They’re amazing. So at that time I decided, I said, Oh wow, no, let’s do it. And I decided to do my first big show. It calls a journey through the seasons. Why journey through the seasons, because see we international. And that actually all my shows there are international and the journey through the seasons.

1 (37m 51s):
I did like this. You travel with the seasons, like a summer winter spring, you travel all over the world. For example, in a sprint, you go to Ukraine, Ukrainian dance in a winter, you go to Russia, Russian dance in a beautiful, magical. And there’s a count right there, mr. and I decorate. And those grounds been made in from Hannah’s. There are metal handlers. Yeah. Those ground made from a metal hammer. That’s mr. . So anyway, the, in that show, I made the journey through the seasons and we perform at the Woodlands high school.

1 (38m 38s):
We ran theater. Yeah. And we’ve been dancing, but I combined this show journey through the seasons with a lion King. So second part was a lion King. Cool. And the find story about this show that a first show on a professional stage, they’re beautiful theater. They gave us fog. Yeah. On the second apart. And we were all sitting there is like Baldwin, the SIM book growing, and they go, it’s a circle of life. Yeah. Yeah. And then they put so much fog and alarm system stopped. And the here is in data.

1 (39m 18s):
If alarm system start doing, you have to cut the show. And I remember I stayed behind the stage and I started crying because this is one of the best part. And then I run to the technicians and said, can we do anything just to show must go on. They said, sure. We can just get this button because we understand this is not fire. This is our fog goals. So they press the, usually in a hobby center, they cannot do this, but this was like a school high school. And there was police officers. And we asked them, can we do it? Because since no fire, nowhere, it’s just a folk.

1 (39m 59s):
They said, so Shama is gone. And this, the music did not stop. And we have this individual and we started doing this. And the same situation was last year at the hobby center when we just finished and they put the lots of folk and the alarm system goes again. But that time they ask us to live. So we’re all like, it was a bear shoes, regardless sides. And with dance right there. Oh, cool. So there was like five department came and they said, why we came well, where’s the fire. I said, guys stayed there and we’re going to perform for you. So the fire department came and we performed for them as well.

1 (40m 41s):
So this is how I might show start first. Then I start seeing like, whatever, I go to the movie, this name, they gave me all inspiration, this, or circle this or circles, the select or the mood, this name, movie. And I take these story, whatever they, they present. And I reproduce my story. For example, like I did Elijah this year, mr. Christian was performing there as a with . I didn’t know if you know them and mr. Kenny was performing as well. So Elijah and I took their story and we travel around the world on a magic carpet.

1 (41m 23s):
So I put the light in and princess Jasmine on a magic carpet. And instead of magic carpet, we have first time these gymnasts on the silk. Cool. Yeah. On this silk. Yes. So, and that my show, this time was international as well. So a lot in went to Brazil, he went to the gypsy Carillon. He went to in all stories like and the Areo. So, and then the little kids was where did the octopus jellyfish? And they have a fun. So this, this is how we do shows.

1 (42m 6s):
Awesome. Whatever people ask me to do a little concert, somehow it’s become a huge show. You know this, right? Yes. Andrea, you ask me to go to that Memorial mall. Just brings me one dance dancers to dance. Always like, I’m sorry, you’re this incredible. This is cool. Yeah.

0 (42m 32s):
You came, I think for two of those events, Sunday night by the

1 (42m 36s):
Middle of the mall and that broke all my company

0 (42m 40s):
And, and you had such an amazing participation from the people who were at the mall, things, stopping them all dead in their tracks. They all were watching. And then you invited them. So graciously, you know, welcoming it. My own son participated in. He usually doesn’t.

1 (42m 56s):
Yeah. And I mean, I have video

0 (42m 57s):
Of him dancing with you and you know, I don’t know how many 20, 30 people from the audience, you know,

1 (43m 3s):
We did not crack her. Right. Yeah.

0 (43m 6s):
I think he might’ve come three times. Cause I think you did Cracker. You did a flamenco one. Yeah. And then you did, you know the Russian one and you guys went in the circle. Yeah. I mean, such, just a knockout. And I remember the first time we booked you as a performer and this was like, I don’t know when we met, but like maybe 2008 or it was a long time ago, 2007. I don’t know. You performed at the river Oaks country club. And the host said like, she’s got to set a wheels on her.

1 (43m 39s):
I said about you because you’re so fast. Oh really? Yeah. Yeah.

0 (43m 44s):
You just, your feet are just, you know, they’re incredible.

1 (43m 48s):
I love your shows. And then you invite us to Wortham theater. Yeah. Remember you did that. What was that? You did like every year. Is it the dance first? Zoe first called it dance Houston. 10,

0 (44m 2s):
12 years. Yeah. And now we call it celebration of dance.

1 (44m 5s):
So are you still doing that right? Yup. Awesome.

0 (44m 8s):
We did our 17th annual last year. And I’m looking forward to doing one again.

1 (44m 15s):
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I hope they all going to be open because we’ve done a five times, five or six times at the hobby center. Yeah. My show, like we were sold out. This is another story, but this theater, we have story. You want to tell your story? Yeah. I bought the hobby center that after I’ve been performing in the high school, I decided to perform again in a professional stage. Yeah. But old schools, like I went to Memorial school. They said, no, I went to this stuffer school. They say, no, this one Westchester school.

1 (44m 56s):
They, they, the price was very high, like 10,000 or 12,000 per day. And then something tells me why don’t you go to hobby center? You know, jumping right away to their super professional theater. Whereas oral, all stars come and Broadway stars come there. I came there and they said, sure, we can rent the theater for you. And, but you have to be, you know, like tell us what this all about and like how much you want to for the tickets. And that time I decided, okay, I will be in, in a hobby center and it’s expensive, but I’ve got some friends.

1 (45m 37s):
They helped me with the sponsorship. Actually, Joe Myers Toyota was first our sponsor. They gave us see how we have old websites. Yeah. Thank you, mr. Myers, dad, Joe Jeremiah’s gave us money. They make this banner for us. And then we went to a hobby center and first my show, there was snow queen frozen journey. Yeah. Again, journey, game with travel everywhere. Sorry. I liked you can by through dance, through dance. Yes. So it’s not going frozen journey and I make tickets $10 each.

1 (46m 18s):
And my goal was, I want to bring everybody because it’s affordable to see sunrise, to see this journey to inspire the kids. So, and I got first time, see, we unknown company actually. And at the hobby center, in the Zilkha hall, we were booked. And then the manager there said, how did you do that? Like, you don’t have much promotion and you go got full hose. Yeah. Awesome. And then I say, I don’t know, ask the universe. She helped me. And then second time they said, I said, can we ran second time?

1 (47m 1s):
They said, we have only January 27, no more. And then this time they have a center film theater, you know, like the zoo can serve him. And they said in this time, Rocky teas from New York will come. So how you gonna yeah. Sell your tickets if everybody gonna go there. And I said, I will take my chance. Yeah. Because I would have, did promise kids that were going to right. So I cannot say, you know, like if you say to the kids know, you know, what’s gonna hit for my cry and, and some kids can remember this for the rest of their life. Right. So I decided to just take my chance and go, and we, that time the price was, we raised the price of course, because you know, we have to pay rent and costumes and it’s very expensive.

1 (47m 54s):
So we raised their price. And that time we also sold out the game. Awesome. so that, you know, the famous girls, the Rockettes, the Rockettes, I’m sorry. So, so we share with them haters and we were so doubt and we were so happy there Snoke when frozen Jordan and then another show, another show. So in all shows, somehow we always were booked always. And we have many students, we got many students from that show because they came, some of students, they came for the other show, but they, they don’t ha didn’t get tickets.

1 (48m 35s):
So they went to us and they, they liked it. Then they came to study with us. Cool. So this is the story about the hobby center. Awesome. Can you teach us a little bit about that

0 (48m 46s):
History of the dances that you do be it like the difference between like the folk dances and ballet, or just any of the insight that you might have or knowledge you might have from that?

1 (48m 58s):
Can, can I teach like, like right now or tell us a little bit about the history, about the folk dance? Yeah. Like

0 (49m 6s):
What are they about, where do they come from?

1 (49m 8s):
So for example, I can tell about Ukrainian dance, that all that Kazak footwork with the man’s doing and what I realized there, it’s similar with break dance. Cause when I see break dance here, I say, Hey guys, you did dance, Ukrainian dance. You know? And I put that some break dancers, I put in a Ukrainian dance, right? They’ve been dancing this. So Ukrainian dance, for example, man, spot the most. So I, I hope I’m not wrong about this, but that’s what I read before read before they, wherever they do like war, they go to the war and then they have this Swartz with them and they was, were on a horse.

1 (49m 58s):
And that’s why they have this huge pants, you know, like red, huge pants. So they go in the war, they, whatever they do, they, the womb fighting or whatever. But when they came back to their camp, you know, what are they arrest? They instead of just sleep, they make a fire. And then they, they dance around the fire. See, this is how they relax actually. So they dance like this right there. And step by step it’s came to the, these days, you know, when they start performing and th and use those movements.

1 (50m 42s):
And for example, what I know for sure, for the Ukrainian ladies, when they dance, we have different costumes. Sometimes we have huge a skirt, right? Sometimes we have a very tight skirt and that’s why we have different. For example, we have this moments. Like it goes like this, we go in English, it’s a braids. Yeah. You can see like this. So in, in one regional now where they wear a huge skirt, they do a very big percep in video, in this braids. Then when another region where they wear the side skirts, you know, they have a little one.

1 (51m 24s):
So they do like this. And so whatever people, they, they, they work in a village, you know, that Ukrainian for, for example, dance, they work in the village. And then when they dire, they came home, they get together and they dancing. They always dancing. I think it’s all nationality. The same story, probably. Yeah. So, because for example, flamenco, they just born and they start dancing on the market. See, and they, they, they know all this movements and footwork even, they don’t have a shoes. So, and also yesterday I learned a story about a horn horn.

1 (52m 11s):
It’s a Spanish instrument drum. Yeah. Full flamenco until yesterday. I thought cocoon is a Spanish instrument for flamenco. Like I told you right now, but yesterday, one of the father of my student, he is so my show promotion, his, so my video clip, what? I just made it about my studio. And there is like one scene I said, and music instrument, vagabond, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. And he’s so excited that you played the call. I said some. And he said, you know, where is this came from? And I said, where, and I’m sure I know where is this game? But I stopped myself not to tell him.

1 (52m 54s):
And that was good decision because otherwise it would be embarrassing. And he said, Dick, I came from Piru. Oh yeah. And this one was made from African-American people. You know, when they work, they, they came back from the work. They made this drum and start dancing and drumming, you know? And the famous guitar player. Once he word was travel in Peru. And he, so this instrument, and since then he brought this instrument to flamenco. Wow. So, and he, and D the, the father of this girl, he just keeps sending me yesterday, all the history about this.

1 (53m 41s):
Like, Hey, cause I’m not either about this. So this is how I learned about this. So what would, I mean, that all nationality, all dances, like our dancer from my country, United States, then step country, they all came. I think when people are working or people say, celebrate them something, they make this movements. Yeah. And this goes from this moment goes here. And I saw this it more in a, that movie, that dancing, because they start from Africa in, when they dance in the woods and they just do written, they just walk and then they start improving, improving, improving, improving.

1 (54m 31s):
And for example, now we see in these days we see lots of moments from there, you know, and read them from there. So I think in my country the same. Cool. Yeah. And we have the, in, in my dances, we have a lot. So movements, for example, in Ukrainian dance, we have this, how you call Nicholas. And one of the moments we have this, like a bow, we have this one. Yeah. So you know why we put this in here on the necklace now, see we have in, in Ukraine, we help out like this one, two, three.

1 (55m 15s):
I taught the select heart. Yeah. No, it’s not. It’s because you have this necklace and when you do like this, it’s like hanging. So you hold it. Oh, okay. And why are you not doing this? Because you have a flower with crowns, so he’s not gonna, you know, go down. So you go like, hi, and just put your eyes down. Cool. It’s the last thing. When, for example, we have , it’s a buoyant heel topped up to the digging. So it’s like, you dig in, you do Ooh. Look at my shoes and stuff.

1 (55m 56s):
So I think all dance movements, people trying to talk through their movements. So they bring it. Yeah. And on all nationality, whatever they work in a how you call this in the village, they have a huge, you know, like a land farm. And they worked there. Then they came back home. They have like party, not party, like, you know, evening

0 (56m 26s):
Software. Yeah.

1 (56m 28s):
And then they always decided to dance or singing or dancing or playing. So this is yeah. Pretty fun. I’ll ask you both this.

0 (56m 39s):
Oh, let’s start with you. Tell me in your own words, how you define your personal style and what really inspires you to dance for arsenal style.

1 (56m 52s):
Oh, that’s a good question. I have so many styles in my character, in my dance, in my behaving, in the dance, in my expression in dance. Sometimes you can see Eliza Minnelli. Sometimes you can see a little, not a Powell. Sometimes you can see is ginger Rogers. Sometimes it can see Fred Astaire sometimes Michael Jackson and not. And I think I have so many styles, so many characters in me because as I told you before I learned through watching has, are dancers.

1 (57m 34s):
And I like, you know, like sparge, I take here, here, here, here, here. And then I realized like, for example, Michael Jackson, I thought this is it. This is style of Michael Jackson only. But when I go back, how his study, you can see so many styles. So there are dancers on him. Right? So there’s this for me. I see, like, I have a lots of characters and this is, and then this all characters combined in one and is Boomi, miss Santa here. And I’m here. It was like, who I am right here. But if you see closer, like w when I’m dancing, sometimes I have this, Maria has the flamenco famous dancers.

1 (58m 22s):
Sometimes I have Sarah Baras right there. So you can see a little bit characters right there. And then it’s become your own. Like, this is who you are. And sometimes a long time ago, I start a resource myself. Like why I dress like this flowers like this, because I dress like this since I was a little kid. Oh, wow. Yeah. I, sometimes, sometimes I was wearing pants and put some bandana here on the knee. And my mom says, can you take this off? Because my, you know, like my friends, they said, maybe you hurt your knee.

1 (59m 4s):
I said, my style sucks. His dad become we’re in. I mean, I dress like this. And then I started shorts. Why? And then it says a bit, some of the reason, because I’m Aquarius all look , you know, like sine acquirers, they all, they live in, in this life, like in a movie. So they dress like in the morning they behave like anyone because, you know, and then I see, so this is basically who I am. Like, I played the demo yesterday.

1 (59m 44s):
We went to buy a bicycle for Christian, because you know, here is like, if you don’t have a car in Houston, you are stuck. And we all driving together. But sometimes he needs, you know, like he’s. So we went to Walmart for bicycle. And then I see these hats. Yeah. And I forgot about bicycles. Take this hats and try it, tie it on me right away. Because I saw this in one movie, like Alice in Wonderland. So I want to pick on like, so this is, this is who I am. And this is like, what, what moved me in, in this day and this in my life.

1 (1h 0m 25s):
So it’s funny. You grew up watching so much American TV. And like, when you described that commercial, that chewing gum commercial, I feel like you have kind of jumped into the TV and now you are like chewing gum. Like kids just flock to you. They want to be with you. You make them so happy. And you exude that vibrance and joy of life, you know, that is so contagious. You’re right. You know my eyes right now, it’s like, I mean, in the best way, you’re like, you’re like driving on a freeway.

1 (1h 1m 9s):
No, this is, this, is it Chris, you go,

4 (1h 1m 15s):
Why don’t I say, what can I say? So, yeah.

1 (1h 1m 21s):
Like question was like, who, like, how do you describe your personal style inspires you

4 (1h 1m 34s):
Once, like three years ago, I felt that something caught that

1 (1h 1m 49s):
Some he needs something, you know, like, like he’s hard needs something

4 (1h 1m 54s):
It’s time. And it was also about that because I had not, so Not so not so great level. And then I started watching, started to watch videos in YouTube, a lot of videos, same movie. Yeah. And then I just got that. I should watch one video, hundreds of times. And I did it From there. It was Michael Jackson. It was a lot of bouncers from you’ll say, from

3 (1h 2m 38s):
See how we’re learning

4 (1h 2m 42s):
Europe. So a lot of videos and it took me the whole year just watching videos.

3 (1h 2m 55s):
And then I, no,

4 (1h 2m 57s):
I had the practice, but it was like, I don’t know. It wasn’t, it wasn’t there. But after one year I had a jump. I, I jumped and I had some improvement

3 (1h 3m 14s):

4 (1h 3m 15s):
After, after, after a year. And then I started to learn more too. And I started to get, to get more moments. I mean, more strikes or how the feet going, When, where should you put your weight? Okay. Sorry. How, how you work with your upper body. I mean, when you jump your should sometimes push it to the right or push it to the left, to get that better result and to return to the position where you started to make it

3 (1h 4m 2s):
Come back, come back here. But what, what is your inspiration before? Why did you start dancing? Right? Sure. Some what’s inspiring. You

4 (1h 4m 14s):
she from

3 (1h 4m 18s):
Bravo. Bravo. She is

4 (1h 4m 20s):
Also Dan. So choreographer and she’s the owner of brow of mine assemble. And my ensemble actually has the highest award, not the award from my country, like folk and assemble of dance folk. It, it means not about like full dance. It means like the highest award from your country from Ukraine. So, yeah, and she, I was like a child, her son, and bought a lot of, and a lot of knowledge and a lot of laugh to, to me,

1 (1h 5m 19s):
This is amazing. Lucky, lucky, I’m self funded, fonder.

4 (1h 5m 30s):
I know. And I just promised myself after this year, after that improvement, that one day I will be such step down so that everybody will moment as a tap dancer, as a, as a quilter dancer. And as a professional dancer, I’m still searching my style.

1 (1h 6m 1s):
Now he wants to do flamenco more in Nintendo.

4 (1h 6m 4s):
Yeah. I w I want to combine flamenco and tap is going to be a fire explosion. I mean, it’s going to be cool and hot.

1 (1h 6m 20s):
And also he tried to teach kids this year, when he was here. I saw him when he started, I said, can you substitute me? Because I was busy and you have to see how good he is. Was the kids good? Whoa. He changed his look right away. Like, he’s there, you know, like whatever I ask him to do, like Cartwheel or this, he said, yeah. Okay. So they, and they love him so much. So I’m really happy that I got another partner in our sunrise international dance company where all stars, rice. Yep. I’m happy for you guys. We are happy because we are doing right now, this project flamenco tap together.

1 (1h 7m 5s):
Before we go on, I want you to tell me about this project. I want you to tell me what you’ve been doing like recently. Cause I know you were in Ukraine for quite a while. Yeah. Two months what’s been going on. Well, when this all stars like this pandemic disaster stars, I actually was in there Las Vegas. I mean, and there I was a witness of this major topic. How do I call this beauty and the beast? When in the old story, there is like this, which put all kingdom in a slip.

1 (1h 7m 46s):
This is what I was experienced because I was living in that Caesar palace by myself, like no money. And I was on the 41st floor right in front of Bellagio. And you know, I got teased at time because every scene, like in my, in, in my eyes, I was witnesses. Like every, since shut down like this, they close every, since I talk about this and I got like, Oh, this slot machine goes up and I just walk in there and say, Hey guys, what’s going on? They said, we’re shutting down the whole Las Vegas empty streets.

1 (1h 8m 28s):
Every single, like, you can see a few people’s they’re there, they’re there. But empty that seasonal palace was the last one who shut down. And they said, ma’am, you should go and say this, or you should go. You should live. And every scene was cleaning, shutting down clothes. And that time seriously, because see, I live in the movie in that I live in this story and I said, guys, this is look like in the beauty and the beast, we’re going to wake up. Like Prince charming will come and we’re gonna be up there. And they say, okay, watch this. So this is what’s first experience.

1 (1h 9m 9s):
And then I came to Houston and it’s hit me pretty, pretty badly because like all my students, they stopped coming to the studio, of course, because for the safety and for two weeks, believe it or not, I was just laying down on my bed. If popcorn wore some very, not inspired in the movie, it’s just movie in all the soap, opera, like a husband, leave their wife there. They fighting or something like nones, like this hours, two weeks, like, remember I was worried about you was for me, it was kind of depression two weeks.

1 (1h 9m 59s):
And then I said, wait a minute. Why I have to depress? We have, I have a very nice laptop computer, right there is in that time, the universe send me why universe, because every single, whatever I got this studio, all costumes, this is belongs to something. What is there Lex universe? I don’t know. But they are giving me in my head. I like a messenger to bring into here. Maybe it sounds crazy, but this is how it is. So in that time I got messaged that one girl came to me and she said, ms. Roxanna, do you need some help with teaching?

1 (1h 10m 39s):
I said, yeah, I need some help with teaching. I don’t have students, but I need some help. Definitely. So her name is Irene. So we get together here and my studio is empty. Of course it’s empty. And we, I see some, like people start zooming and I say, Hey, why don’t we start zoom? And I have no idea how to do this because me and technology and computer in the oldest tablets, I mean very far from each other, but I have to push myself. And then I said, okay, let’s start here. I got 10 kids on zoom. And it was only 40 minutes. Cause I don’t know how to upgrade.

1 (1h 11m 20s):
They said upgrade. I didn’t know how to do it. But anyway, and it was very success. That was actually after we did not see each other for one launch when I clicked zoom. And I remember that moment and all my kids is there and they say, Hey, I’ve got tears because you know, it’s just like, it’s such a new experience. Like you cannot be with them. But somehow they there, they believe in that. We, we will, you know, like again, dance. So in the interview doing computer, but that’s okay.

1 (1h 12m 2s):
Yeah. So, and I feel like they need me, you know, I always got this. Like somebody, like, if somebody needs me, I’m alive. They do. They know. And then this is it. And we start dancing there. Then I start seeing this at some show kids. I forgot the key kids. Some, some kids zone or some they’re there. The kids they’re on zoom, they dancing. So I, again, video right again. I see how they do it. And I start the practice. This was my kids. And they were so happy. I even got another kid who said, Hey, we always want to come to your dance studio.

1 (1h 12m 44s):
But it’s so far. And now because of zoom, we can be here during sunrise. Good. So we, you know, like once my mom teach me long time ago, she says Oxana, anything even you see like negative is still good. You know, you can use negative turn to positive. And it’s like, for example, what? I mean the pandemic, right? It’s very negative stuff. It’s very sad stuff. But you can turn this like, Hey, because of this, we can be together with those kids who is not here. So I start thinking positive since then, then Galveston open for a little while.

1 (1h 13m 26s):
And I jumped in right away there. You know, like first may. Yeah, I was there and I started shooting movie right there for the kids. Like inspired them. They, Hey, you can be in a little room. You can be outside, like dancing, dancing. And then I remember you texted me like, how are you excited? Which is, I really appreciate it, Andrea, for that, you, you keep us that time together as well. You like, you, you gave us this class on this so we can teach you on our home. Yeah. I remember that. And we start teaching and then I see myself in YouTube and I see, Hey, this is my room I teaching in my little.

1 (1h 14m 6s):
So thank you for that so much for doing it. It was. So that was challenged you guys, but, and then before Panda Mia, I got tickets to Ukraine. I always go to Ukraine and summer. Cause I love my city. I met amazing people right there. I met Christian there and I’m so happy about this. So every summer I go there because before I was doing summer camp, then somehow we stopped doing summer camp because we didn’t have kids. Or I dunno, we just stopped doing this. And then I started going to Ukraine and this time I supposed to go to Ukraine, but my flight tickets always was change, change, change, change.

1 (1h 14m 53s):
But I did not give up. Even people say, are you crazy? You cannot fly right now. It’s dangerous. But I said, well, something tells me I should go. So one day the Turkish airlines, they told me, Hey, you can fly. I say, when my flight tickets on July 18th, they say, they say, you can fly July 19th. I said, so it didn’t snow, but July 19th they said, or you can fly better. July 27th. I said, I’ll take it. Okay. So I took my chance. I went to Ukraine and then Ukraine was like, like in here, it was, I took my two weeks self quarantine right there.

1 (1h 15m 43s):
And then it was exactly like here, but somehow in my CTO, DESA, there is like how you call resort? It’s not resort, but it’s a city where you go to for vacation. Right? Because it’s black seat. Yes. And of course there, because lots of tourists because Lexi, because I think like fresh air and everything that wasn’t that bad in right now, it’s bad. Again, they are in the , but in summer that was more open. Even some theaters was open and there was a lot. So artists, dancers, singers, who did not perform because they hungry to perform.

1 (1h 16m 26s):
Right. And right when I came, somehow I met people who in charge of some open stages. And I say, guys, can we perform? Like I have so many friends. They really want to perform for free. Just let us do it. Right. And then we start performing. And then last our performance was there. We perform for old people from the, this, their retirement home and for the kids who was our parents, orphans, orphans. And you know, I was, I brought there just in case some costumes from here was this beautiful crowns and every scene.

1 (1h 17m 14s):
And I was then performing there and you can not believe. And the first concert I got like a 60 performance, 60 performers. Wow. They like the day, like I asked one number and they came with six numbers

3 (1h 17m 32s):
And I cannot say no. Right. Cause they know they want to perform. So

1 (1h 17m 37s):
Of course we did this as safest. We can, we did this, you know, like in mask when we go. But when we start performing this magic of dance, magic of singing, because there is, was principal singers from grand opera, from Odessa, they join us opera house. They join us as well. Cool. Yeah. And all kids. So that kids, and then the, that, all the people, old people all out deans, they start came to me and they said with the tears, they said that Sana, thank you for doing this.

1 (1h 18m 17s):
And then I start asking people who, you know, they have a little stores, coffee shop cool all the time there. And they see this old performance. They say, guys, how was it? And they said, we are here. Like for long time, we never see such a presentation. It was kind of like, wow. You know, it was this old costumes. Was this old car energy, cool. Dad been singing contemporary. I even make a gymnastics number, flower dance. And the kids was touching my crown and they say, Oh, I never see like that. So this was the, the, I, it was what I supposed to go for one month there.

1 (1h 18m 60s):
And I supposed to fly I’m back. I’ll go stories. Cause they told the school we’ll go. Usually I come out, go stories. Then half of September organized school. And then we go in October, we’re ready to open. But that time I have to wait for Christian to finish his

3 (1h 19m 20s):
Studying there. And I

1 (1h 19m 22s):
Was looking to, to bring him here as my partner and dancer and his parents says, can you stay another months? And I said, well, let’s do it. If this helps, let’s do it. And I did not

3 (1h 19m 40s):
Stop. I still stopped performing the game. And then I,

1 (1h 19m 45s):
Right now it’s not released yet, but I’m telling you this in advance. I have so much video, which is I shoot with a professional dancers there in the costumes. We even shoot one video when we dance. I inside the water. Oh, sorry. It’s all coming up. Cool. I just need to start make this video because I’m as my hobby right now that I realized I love make, you know, like cut the video. Yeah. This one. And then what you saw this promotion video about my dancing. I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll check it out. Or you did not. Or it’s very fun.

1 (1h 20m 25s):
The Christian, he roll it and I did the editing. Okay, cool. Sorry. And this looks cool. Willing to it. Yeah. So actually what I did in the Ukraine this time I realized I did lots of charity for performing arts. And I just realized this right now. When I came back, say, wait a minute, what was that vacation not, I was working 24 hours a morning to tonight make costumes, rehearsal. I teach there flamenco. And that the, the, their students from performing art school, like we have as she’s PVE, they have the same thing right there.

1 (1h 21m 7s):
So I got, finally, my dream came through. I started teaching like professional, like 20 girls, professional girls who never danced flamenco. And I started teaching them. And can you imagine they have us jump jumping. They have all this, you know, like the beautiful port, the bra, they food world. So the teacher teaching them, it was blessing. Awesome. I was like every day going into rehearsal, like it’s celebration, everyday dance celebration. So this trip was just amazing. And then I came here, no students empty studio and I did I depressed.

1 (1h 21m 57s):
I no, no, no, no, no, no. Now I clean my studio start rehearsing. Me and Christian, we’ve working right now on huge projects, flamenco, tap, dance, tap, and flamenco. And we’re looking forward to go to the world dance competition with Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hawk. I still in my age, want to try? He’s young. You know, I still want to go there. I used to run up perform right now. I have six, very good girls who stay with me. Here are some that are starting. We have three students including one boy yesterday. He’s six.

1 (1h 22m 37s):
No, he’s seven. And he came one boy and he’s right away. Start doing some kicks and you know, very like inspiration. I wanna dance. I wanna dance. So we right now it’s what six and 309 members. And I believe very soon, we’re going to grow and grow. Yeah. So I’m happy today. This days, even we still have this, you know, like disaster around us, but still we happy. We show Moscow.

3 (1h 23m 13s):
Right? This is great. It’s awesome to see you in good spirits. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for sharing your joy.

1 (1h 23m 23s):
We’re very happy that we was dance Euston. Thank you for remember about that. Thank you for invitation all the time. And we’re looking forward to work with you guys and bring something new

3 (1h 23m 38s):
Inspiration. What’s your plan for the flamenco and tap. So world of dance,

1 (1h 23m 46s):
We preparing a show for 25th of October, Halloween, Halloween excerpts of our show. It calls a dance with sunrise show. We, we, it’s going to be like our company, sunrise international dance company right now. We’re going to working on the show like another international show and we call for it. Now it’s not dance with sunrise. I’m sorry. It’s called a whole new old, the show calls a whole new world, which is inspiring, but lots of Disney stories, including the frozen, the Aladdin, the beauty and the beast.

1 (1h 24m 44s):
And plus what’s going on right now in the world, right? Yeah. So this is, I think we, when this all gonna be, and we’re going to be in a completely new world. Brilliant. So this is our show right now. And we October 25th here in sunrise, we’re going to do excerpts from this show and you can see a little bit of flamenco tab. Actually. We already performed flamenco tab. We will be opening jazz festival and then, Oh, that’s cool. Yeah. And it was which 26 of September. 21st. 26th.

1 (1h 25m 25s):
Yeah. And there’s another very funny story because we were in that, you know, in a group event of ADESA and some lady, she, she put their message like, Hey guys, for just fast opening, we need some people who can drive a truck with the food. And I write down to her,

3 (1h 25m 46s):
She said, show me what you got. Then I show him. You’re awesome. You’re always ready to do audition. Yeah. That’s what’s cool. Yeah. Well, okay. So we’re going to wrap this up, but we’re also gonna like take a break and give everybody a sneak peek of what working on.

0 (1h 26m 4s):
So for our listeners, if you want to head on over to YouTube, you can just catch the end of this episode and we’ll see a little performance. So to finish our interview, would you please just share with us, like some advice, whether it’s to dancers about dance or just people about life.

3 (1h 26m 23s):
It’s a, like a advice

0 (1h 26m 25s):
It’s like your words of wisdom, your motto, your encouragement, you know, what do you say to your company before they go out there and perform? Or what do you say to your son?

3 (1h 26m 33s):
And when he’s gone through all this, remember this afraid your mannequin song. show MAs, go on guys. Just go for it. And you’re not never give up on miracle because miracle exists because here we are standardize exist. The miracle. Is it just show MAs, go on guys.

3 (1h 27m 14s):
God bless you all. Keep dancing, keep singing, keep live and be safe. God bless you all. Thank you. That was a song. My guests today are

0 (1h 27m 29s):
The artistic director and founder of sunrise, international dance company and Christiane SkyBell

3 (1h 27m 35s):
Sky, sky, sky, sky. Thank you for being a part of dance talks.