Dance is good for the mind, body, and soul.

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for the viewer

Boost your mood just by watching. Dance imagery increases the release of endorphins which stimulate your brain in a positive way. You may also be inspired to dance, and learn some new moves, too!


for the dancer

Dance is a creative art of self-expression that improves physical fitness, balance, cognition, self-image, bonding, and communication skills. It is a fountain of youth and an enjoyable social activity. 

Getting Involved


You need dance. We need you.
We do so much for the community. Please help us!

It does not take a lot of money for us to do what we do. We need your donation to continue creating local jobs and culture. Every dollar helps! Click to give now via PayPal or CashApp $dancehouston5678.

Dance Houston 2019 – Photographer Lynn Lane – Hi Res-67

Master Classes

Learn from the masters!  You can learn dance styles from around the world on our Master Classes page. 

DanceTalks Podcast

Stories about how people started dancing, what it means to them, their personal style and perspectives.  Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen to podcasts. New episodes weekly. Support our show by donating to Dance Houston.

Dancing with friends at home

Love to Dance!

Let’s get active! We have dance games and activities you can play anywhere on your own time.

Try out our dance challenges and get creative by yourself, with a partner, or with friends and family!

What we do

About Dance Houston


Join the Movement!

We create, perform, and present the art of dance in service to the community and the world. We are dancers specializing in diverse styles working collectively to inspire and teach others.


Giving Back

We provide scholarships to students, work for artists, quality services to clients, and free programs for all. We are open for supporting roles at the board, professional, and volunteer levels.