Educational Programs

Dance Houston

We provide after-school classes, summer classes programs, and workshops for schools, preschools, and senior centers.  We offer dance training in all styles of dance to people of all ages and skill levels.  We are an approved vendor with the Harris County Department of Education through CASE for Kids.  Call to book us today!

Phone: (713) 526-1049


  • Dance Class Series

    A series of six or more dance classes are provided to teach dance fundamentals including positions, terms, movements, tempos, rhythms, choreography and performance skills. Students learn and help create a dance they can perform by memory. Literacy and numeracy are addressed in the creative components of each lesson plan. For example, students learn syllabication by making up dances that go with their names by doing one move per syllable. Social Emotional Learning occurs through activities that develop non-verbal communication, interpersonal skills, and decision-making skills. For example, students learn to empathize and to cooperate during creative group exercises and develop leading and following skills through partnering exercises.

    • Age Group: Pre-K – Senior Citizens
    • Max Class Size: 25 students
    • Price: $150/hr
    • Duration: 6 weeks (minimum)
  • Dance Workshop

    A dance workshop including warm-up, stretch technique, stationary and traveling moves, and cooperative activities. Host may select theme (e.g. friendship, transportation, gardens, careers, etc.), or style of dance (e.g. hip hop, Latin, Indian, Arabic, or variety.) Literacy and numeracy objectives are accomplished through exploring the workshop theme and teaching the dance style. Social Emotional Learning occurs as students develop their ability to dance, a means to communicate and interact with others.

    • Age Group: Pre-K – Senior Citizens
    • Max Workshop Size: 40 students
    • Price: $175/hr
    • Duration: 1 hour (minimum)
  • Dance Presentation and Demonstration

    Two dancers demonstrate a style of dance, teach about its cultural and historical significance, and lead an interactive session with the participants. Host may select style of dance (e.g. swing, tango, salsa, or Korean.) Literacy and numeracy objectives are accomplished through learning the dance and details of its meaning.

    • Age Group: Pre-K – Senior Citizens
    • Max Participant Size: 100 students
    • Price: $500/hr
    • Duration: 1 hour (minimum)
  • Dance Performance

    Four dancers give a performance based on a cultural celebration theme or an academic topic such as literacy or numeracy. The performance may include an interactive session with the participants. Host may request the style of dance (e.g. breakdancing, ballet folklorico, African, Irish or Chinese.) We encourage hosts to plan ahead for school breaks and cultural holidays as availability is limited. Requests for culturally-specific performance occurring on a major holiday for that culture should be made at least thirty days in advance.

    • Age Group: Pre-K – Senior Citizens
    • Max Class Size: 400 students
    • Price: $1000
    • Duration: 45 minutes

Stay Fit

Empowered girls and their families get and stay fit by incorporating dance into their daily routine. Dance Houston works in partnership with a team of professional counselors, nutritionists and nurses to provide guidance for healthy lifestyles through nutritional counseling, daily exercise, and fun!

Classes are offered in 7-week courses and are refreshed with new music and moves for each group. Styles taught include hip-hop, salsa, bollywood, and ballet. Participants develop strength, flexibility, endurance, and positive body images. Classes focus on self-esteem, social skills, and physical fitness.

Participants report high levels of enjoyment because they achieve their fitness goals while having fun expressing themselves and socializing. Self-esteem is developed through the art of dancing. Stay Fit not only helps girls improve their physical fitness and body image, but it also helps them build the confidence they need to succeed in life.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the William and Natoma Pyle Harvey Charitable Trust, the Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts, and the Texas Commission for the Arts. Their support makes this program possible.

Stay Fit Locations:

Texas Children’s Center for Children and Women – Southwest
Texas Children’s Center for Children and Women – Greenspoint

Sample Educational Program Description


“Hip Hop and Jazz”

Learn the latest moves from professional choreographers.  Express yourself!

  • Age Group: 7 – 17 years
  • Enrollment: Open
  • Registration: Required
  • Day: Wednesdays
  • Time: 4:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.
  • Duration: 8 weeks

The dance program provides fundamentals of dance and gives everyone a chance to learn new moves and practice together.  Exercise while having fun and learning new moves.  Lose yourself in the music and finish each class a more skilled person.  Get ready for school dances and social events by getting good at the most popular moves and creating your own moves for a unique style.  Be you!