Dance Houston

Dance Houston


¡Baile en vivo! Authentic folk dances of Latin America are performed by dancers beaming with smiles and cultural pride. As they whistle and cheer each other on, everyone will feel their joy. These bellas danzas feature brilliant costumes, traditional music, and dynamic choreography. Enjoy the colorful splendor of The Ribbon Dance (El baile de las Cintas). Be amazed by dancers firing through rapid footwork variations while balancing bottles on their heads. ¡Olé!

Dance Houston provides the best dancers in Houston to entertain audiences of all ages. We have specialists in all popular dance styles. Book one of shows or have us create a custom show for you. Please submit a booking inquiry for a quote.

All engagements require a minimum of $2000 deposit.* The full balance must be paid two weeks prior to the event date. Dance Houston carries general liability insurance coverage provided by Hiscox. For more information about how we staff performers, please visit:

*50% of the total price is required to secure the date. Please note Dance Houston is a small non-profit organization. Payment is necessary to engage dancers, venues, costumes, artists, etc. For more information, please visit:

Community Impact: Dance Houston, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, provides jobs to highly skilled dancers and wonderful services to children.