Kenny Louis

Kenny Louis is a member of RAD Crew. He tells us about what inspired him to dance and how he inspires the next generation. Check him out at and

Janie Yao

Janie Yao talks about her journey from China to America, from her mother’s living room dance studio to primetime on America’s Got Talent. She is the founder and director of Dance of Asian America. She explores the qualities of Chinese folk, classical and...

Michael Whitmire

Michael talks about recovering from a health crisis through dance therapy. Follow him at and SALSA GRANDE at

Cassandra Anne Ream

Cassandra Anne Ream’s programs provide video learning to children and adults to study the precision of movement. The mission behind the courses & digital portfolio is to make advanced education accessible at a price most people can afford....

Tina Sabuco and Anissa Dwiggins

Arts Alive! provides inter-disciplinary arts education and specializes in early childhood development. Learn positive and inclusive teaching philosophies from Founder Tina Sabuco and Executive Director Anissa Dwiggins. Online at and Arts Alive TV...

Janel Caminos

Janel Caminos talks about travel for social dancing. She is a newly published author of Curly Gyal Affirmations available on Amazon at Follow Janel at