We consult with each client to gather as much information as needed.  From those meetings, we determine which artists we want to engage for the event or program, and a lot of that is based off your interests, goals, and attendees.

We do not specify staff in contracts in case of any conflicts or change of plans to any one of us, but we will heavily consider preferences. We have a certain artistry and style that makes us different from other entertainment companies but allows all of our teams to work professionally when it comes to events.  At the same time, we are consistently interchanging our regular, experienced staff between the different events/programs so that we can provide something new each appearance and keep from having multiple performances be too alike.

We have always run our organization as a team and not as any one person specifically, and that has allowed us to be successful every event, especially during the holiday season when people may see us at multiple events and we want to keep things fresh for everyone.

Our clients go with us because of our style, artistry, and experience. It’s always a choice between Dance Houston or another company vs. specific people within Dance Houston. We often say, the hardest part of a party or convention weekend is the planning that goes in, up until it’s time for the actual event!  At that time, everything goes by so quickly, so it’s nice to know:

1.  You have entertainment experts working together, who understand it’s a very special event for the host and most of the guests,

2.  You have an incredible and talented group of people representing you and your business or family well, and

3.  Most importantly, you have a caring team that are making sure your guests are having the time of their lives.