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Dancing is fun and easy when you know a few good moves. We will teach you whatever style you want to learn to any song you choose. It can be a classic, pop song, or anything in between. You will be leading and following in just a few classes.

Whether you want to look your best for your first dance or just want some help with the basics, a few confidence-building lessons will give you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day.

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Give us an idea of what you want to do or the song you’ve chosen for your dance. We can teach you any style of dance including swing, two-step, fox trot, waltz, tango, salsa, swingout, slow dance… you name it! Contact us now at 832-567-4617.

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Help Yourself. Help Others.

As your wedding date approaches, your time becomes increasingly valuable. Our well-developed teaching techniques efficiently give you everything you need to dance beautifully at your wedding. You don’t have to take any more lessons than you want.  You may practice at a dance studio, in your home, or at your wedding venue.  Your money goes toward supporting local artists who serve the community through dance camps for kids, free public performances and health programs.  There’s no extra cost to helping.  You simply help us fill out our schedule, continually refine our craft, and reach even more students… you!

Wedding Packages

Wedding Dance Houston is our specialty company providing custom services for engaged couples.  You can learn to dance, you can learn a dance, or you can do both.  During your lessons, we can spend as much or as little time as you like working on:

  • Moves specially tailored to your song
  • Social dance steps in a variety of styles (ballroom, Latin, swing, C&W, bollywood, R&B, variety)
  • Special moves (dips and tricks)
  • Building on what you already know
  • Leading and following, frame, connection, rhythm, and style

Simple & Chic ~ $150

  • Private lesson
  • Get the guidance you need for a memorable first dance including connection, rhythm, and basic moves

Forever Yours ~ $400

  • Three private lessons
  • Pick up some fun new moves and create your first dance together

Say Yes to the Dance ~ $600

  • Five private lessons
  • Pick your favorite song, or create a medley of songs for the perfect, jaw dropping dance! This package is great for learning a lift, a dramatic dip and adding in some creativity! You and your fiancé will love every minute of your five lessons! Feel confident and ready to share your dance with all of your friends and family!
  • Includes: lead and follow techniques, music editing, a rehearsal at your reception facility, and help with picking songs (if needed).
  • Don’t wait, just say yes to the dance!

“I Do” ~ $800

  • Consultation
  • Seven private lessons
  • Learn technique and perform a beautiful and dynamic wedding dance that showcases your song and personalities

To Have and To Hold ~ $1000

  • Consultation
  • Nine private lessons
  • Give the performance of your lives at your wedding and develop impressive social dance skills to enjoy for the rest of your lives

First and Forever ~ $2000

  • Consultation
  • Twenty private lessons
  • Commit to learning the dance styles you love and master them in time for your first dance. Take the floor with ease and have fun dancing with total confidence. Your dedication now benefit your relationship forever!

Special Considerations

  • Lessons may be located at our studio or in your home or wedding venue
  • Dances with parents and/or guests of honor may be included in any lesson or package
  • Music editing of your first dance song if desired is included
  • Payments may be made in installments