Dance Therapy

We invite you to try free dance therapy techniques you may practice on your own detailed at

We also invite you to reach out to us for help. We are a collective of dancers specializing in all different styles. We work as guides, coaches, and facilitators.  Sessions are $40/hr.  We personalize programs to address your areas of interest including emotional well-being, physical fitness, social skills, body image, memory, balance, self-expression, loss and recovery.  Therapy techniques include guided exercises, games, and just dancing.  We help people of all ages, skill levels, and most spoken languages, in online settings for individuals, couples, families and groups.  Our goal is to set you free and turn you on to the fountain of youth and creativity that is dance.


  • Redefining Self-Image – dancing makes you look more attractive and feel more attractive. Dancing can be a way to re-define how you move and present yourself. Confident postures induce confidence.  Dance motivates us to make healthier choices in terms of diet and exercise in order to look our best while dancing and to improve our capabilities by becoming fitter, faster, and stronger.
  • Exercise – dancing includes aerobics, weight-lifting, flexibility and mindfulness. Exercise is a basic requirement of good health and can be accomplished efficiently through the stop and start actions of dancing. As an expressive art, it can be modified for all skill and ability levels.
  • Social – make friends, have fun, goof off in a healthy way, experience a natural high with others, develop a social skill, improve non-verbal communication and confidence.
  • Mood – dancing improves your mood whether you are doing it or simply watching it. When you feel happier, you look happier and move happier, which makes you even happier. It’s an upward spiral!
  • Self-expression – dancing is a creative art. Be unique. Be you!

For more information or to schedule a dance therapy session, please email [email protected] or call 713-526-1049. We would be delighted to hear from you.  We will get back to you within 24 hours to talk with you about your interests to match you with a dance therapist and schedule your first session.